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Which is the best vocoder or talk box?

Posted on Feb 6, 2019 in Audio Equipment

Which is the best vocoder or talk box?

In older days human voices are treated as an instrument to play in terms of tone and distinction. After that engineers have created a device to manipulate the human voices and alter the sound.

The device is talk box functions as turning the tables in the guitar by the musician and transferring the control of turning by musician’s mouth.

A musician will be used to prefer the Microphone to modulate their sound from the guitar. By adding an extra feature to the talk box, the Vocoder gets introduced and work as a virtual version of vocals from a different version. Here the difference of vocoder vs talk box is explained separately.

talk box

Early development: The talk box

The talk box designed to use the frequency of a human vocal sound to apply to the instrument; it doesn’t process to alter the human voice. Playing guitar through some lyrics will make the talk box as a curious thing. A few years later then a sudden idea sparks on the guitarist to play with an electric razor attached in the guitar.

Master class: vocoders

A vocoder is a process of transferring a signal to the modulator. It’s used to apply with the guitar an orchestral timbre. The vocoder aspects are applied even on FM synthesis as carrier vocoding and ring modulation to perform on the musical band.  It absorbs the sounds of an instrument which played mechanically else manually by a musician.

In modern days, the vocoder is used to produce plenty of high noise and reduces the effect of articulateness. Their characteristic is rich in passing the spectrum of frequencies. The vocoder is connected with the microphone; it used to speak in the crowd.


Who is the winner among the vocoder and talk box?

Popularity and user-friendly effects in the instrument will be the winner. From the above pieces of information, the individual specifications of talk box vs vocoder are pointed out. Look a performance and the role of the instrument, drawn an idea towards the instrument.

  • Talk Box – it controls the musician
  • Vocoder – it will be controlled by a musician.

Similarly, they are played by a rock musician, but the method of playing the instrument get varies. The modulation of sound from the devices get varies, a talk box will play the music what it gets a feed from the musician vocal sound, but the vocoder has the ability to play all types of music and pitched vocals.

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