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What is a pop filter, and why you need to use it

Posted on Mar 29, 2019 in Pop Filter, Recording Studio

What is a pop filter, and why you need to use it

A pop filter is a device used for noise protection that used in a recording studio to eliminate the mechanical impacts in popping sounds as plosives and thumbs. It’s used as a protection filter for microphones during recording a speech or song in the studio.

Pop filters are often used to improve the lifespan of a microphone. It protects the microphone from affected human saliva and corrosive element. A nylon woven material of a pop filter is stretched over a circular frame and fix before the microphone. The woven material helps to function identically to the professional units from the microphone. Here the usage of microphone and tips to buy the best microphone is discussed below.

How the Pop filter gets functioning?

The microphone is not directly connected with the pop filters, it should fix in a minimum distance between them. Pop filters are used in the professional recording studio for the main purpose of reducing the popping noise from the person’s voice and protects the microphone from the damages.

The plosive sound simply causes the microphone when the air pressure is obtained from a person, to eliminate the fast-moving air the pop filters are shielded before in microphone. Podcast styled table microphone is not suitable to attach the pop filter.

pop filter

Usually, the pop filters are attached for all types of the microphone but the podcast table is not supportable to attach and record the song from a person.

Another secondary need of using a pop filter on the studio is to saves the microphone from falling and smelling bad.  To avoid that flame flickers of Popping sounds and plosive sounds, microphone pop shield acts as a protective wall between the vocal sounds from a person and the distance of microphone.

How the microphones are being safe by using a pop filter?

Using a pop filter in the recording studio helps to control the high and low vocal sounds towards the microphone. Woven nylon shelters in the pop filters are the most preferred type to use in the singer microphone.

Wire mesh layer in pop filters used for microphone to make the vocal sound of a person to receive in low voice tone. Home use microphones are not suitable to fix the pop filter but while practicing the songs using a suitable pop filter will increase the performance. Metal types of pop filters are highly cost than the nylon mesh.

Why popup filter should need in a recording studio?

Pop filters classify the inconvenient noises of pops and sounds from the speaking words. Commercial nylon popping shield is quite expensive than other shields. The nylon shield will pass the sound through the fine mesh and reduce the plosive sound, air molecules, and saliva. The Microphone pop screens are available with two layered screens to mop up the sound.

Tips to know before buying a pop filter

Pop filter removes the excess of air and overloaded plosives from the microphone by the method of self-explanatory. Make sure about the purpose of a pop filter and their need to avoid the distorted frequencies from outside environment, creating sensitive affects to the microphone and disturbances. Choose the need among the listed purpose.

  • Studio Recording
  • Live Performance
  • Practice at home

The Bottom lines are explaining the things to consider in Pop filters for the essential requirement.

Size – prefer the pop filter by depending on the mic size and the way of recording style.

Shape – Flat file, curved file are available shapes in the market

Mounts – Choose the required Gooseneck mount to fix in front of the microphone, ideally the size of the mount will be large enough to fit.

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