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A guide for choosing the keyboard controller

Posted on May 19, 2019 in Audio Equipment

A guide for choosing the keyboard controller

If you are a contemporary musician one of the most important pieces of equipment is the MIDI keyboard controllers. Also, this plays a vital role for producers since the increase of use of virtual instruments on stage and in the studio has become considerable high.

Understanding the fact there are a number of such controllers and here are some guidelines for picking up a keyboard controller that is highly efficient.

What is meant by the keyboard controller?

The keyboard controller is a kind of device with piano or synth-style; they are usually used for selecting the knobs sliders and buttons. These will transmit the MIDI data to external sound modules, hardware, software, or computer synthesizers. Most of these keyboard controllers will not come with the internal sound generating capability but they will have devices to control the sounds and other parameters of the devices.

Things to consider

Number of keys

The number of keys varies from the range of single octave to 88 keys. The selection will be based on your interest and ability. If you are much passionate towards them or if you will be able to use them with both the hands then it is better to choose the one with 88 keys. Based on your interest you can make the selection in the best 49 key midi controller, 61 keys or 25 keys as well.

The action

look for in a MIDI controller

What does like to feel whether as realistic or weighted hammer action? According to the answer, you can make the selection. Some of the pianists will prefer semi-weighted and some others as the non-weighted keys. This will directly affect the aftertouch or pressure factor, so make sure you are including these factors when you are choosing the MIDI keyboard controller.

Size of the keys

The next most important thing that you need to look for in a MIDI controller is the size of the keys. When you choose the weighted action controllers you will have full-size keys but in semi-weighted keys, there are different sizes. The right one will completely depend on your skills in the music.


Velocity key sensitivity is mostly given in the modern controllers but of them have the ability to change the sensitivity ranges as well. They will also contour to suit the individual playing or for the particular sound of the virtual instrument.

choosing a MIDI keyboard controller


Typical keyboard controllers will mostly have at least one pedal that is used for input and some will have second input for an expression pedal. These types of controllers will accept the normal generic or the third party pedals without making any issues. Only the polarity on sustain pedal may require to be switched.

Apart from these, the basic information like the ratings and reviews of the product, efficiency of working, guarantee for service, price factor should also be given importance. It is necessary to have a clear idea and understanding about the product and then buy them; this will increase the efficient usage of the product.

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